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Giving Back – Vancouver Photography

As I meet and get to know other photographers, the sense I get is that we are all happy and feeling blessed to be able to do what we do. To choose a profession that allows us to explore our creative side and to enrich our clients’ lives by preserving the special milestones that come along their way — it’s pretty wonderful. Most photographers at some point, decide they want to give back. We must choose our charities wisely, however, as time is rarely something a photographer has in abundance to give away.

I’ve been pondering this for awhile and I’ve chosen the charity I want to work with. BC Children’s Hospital gives services and medical treatments to children from all over BC. No doubt, we have all needed their services at some point or have been touched by someone who has. I am looking forward to my first volunteer gig this week and am especially looking forward to the Miracle Network Telethon coming up on June.

In memory of Lindsey Lourenco — you will forever live on in my heart

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Kristy - April 1, 2013 - 10:11 pm

Evelyn… this is such an amazing idea! Lindsey will be smiling down upon you as you do this. What an incredible way to honour such an amazing young lady and to give back to such a worthwhile charity!!!

[…] Seanny’s wonderful Oncologist, Dr. Rod Rassekh and the many nurses on the Oncology team at BCCH for saving Seanny’s life. “We have learned more than ever, to appreciate each and every […]

Remembering Lindsey

Yesterday, we lost our dear friend and hero, Lindsey Lourenco. Lindsey was that rare type of person who, no matter what she was going through, inspired, cheered, motivated and gave selflessly to all around her. She could light up a room with just her smile. In her short 18 years, she endured more than most in a lifetime. 5 rounds of cancer in 6 years, she never gave up and battled each challenge with tenacity and courage. She was an ambassador for children’s healthcare as the 2012 Miracle Network Champion Child, spearheaded a fundraising campaign with DairyQueen’s Lindsey’s Cakes for Miracles, participated in BC Children’s Hospital’s Miracle Network Telethons and was a regular inspirational feature on Global TV News. Although Lindsey spent most of her high school years in the hospital, she always kept up with her school work and she graduated last June with honours along with her twin sister, Sadie. Her dream was to become a paediatric nurse so she could continue to give back to those in need, especially children.

Lindsey, our darling, you will be missed. Your new body is free from pain and you can finally dance again. Our loss is heaven’s gain. We love you.


Donations to BC Children’s Hospital in tribute to Lindsey can be made at https://secure.bcchf.ca/SuperheroPages/main.cfm?Event=WOT&Member=29838

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Darlene Lourenco - March 16, 2013 - 2:51 pm

Thank you, Evelyn, from the bottom of our hearts. Your generosity and love will always be a blessing to our family. You captured the sweet innocence of my daughter and her inner beauty shines through your images. What an amazing gift! Your words here make me so proud. Thank you, my dearest friend xoxoxoxox

Evelyn Ford - March 17, 2013 - 11:51 am

I love you, my dearest friend . . .

[…] be in the studio and see the behind the scenes operations. Most who participated had loved and lost Lindsey Lourenco this past March. It was my privilege to work alongside Lindsey’s family, who were there all […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photography – Nichole + Austin

Last week, I had the privilege of flying to Cincinnati, Ohio to photograph Nichole and Austin’s wedding. I arrived a couple of days early which gave me a chance to become familiar with the venues. With Starbucks in hand, we checked out the ceremony and reception location –  The Underground. This is a Christian concert venue with some very cool features; brick walls, garage doors, catwalk-style stairs and balconies. The lighting would be romantic and candlelit and the decor theme was “vintage cameras” (how great is that?). We then ventured to the park in — get this — LOVELAND, Ohio – the town where the bride and groom just secured their new apartment. 

Nichole and Austin shared their “first look” before the ceremony.

Austin’s nephew did a great job announcing the bride’s arrival!

New son-in-law!

The weather dipped down to several degrees below zero Celsius but the wedding party braved the cold and we were able to capture some fabulous memories. Confetti, in the form of snow, fell for a couple of minutes adding to the joy of the day.

Nichole and Austin, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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Jane Boyd - February 20, 2013 - 10:06 pm

Evelyn, You are amazing!!! Beautiful pictures! I cannot wait to see the rest!!

Evelyn Ford - February 22, 2013 - 5:01 pm

Thank you, Jane! It was my pleasure to be part of the beautiful day.

Kimberly Brown - February 24, 2013 - 6:12 pm


Vancouver Portrait Photography – Aryan’s First Birthday

Aryan is the happiest little guy! His smiles were endless when I photographed him at 6 months and he was all smiles and giggles again for his first birthday celebration. The afternoon started with a quick portrait session and then off to the clubhouse to get ready for the big party. Aryan’s party had a turtle theme (he loves them!). His mom had meticulously cut out dozens of paper turtles to decorate the room. Handmade little turtle favours and goody bags added adorable touches to the room. The cake and sweets table was amazing and followed the turtle theme in shades of blue and green. Friends and family gathered and pure joy abounded as they all celebrated this milestone in Aryan’s life. 

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MASOUD SADEGHI - February 11, 2013 - 10:52 pm

What a wounderfull birthday.Aryan is very cute and we miss him very much.
Thanks to all Hossein Family to make my grandsun a memorable day.

Wedding Planning Season

January – that time of year when newly engaged couples start planning their weddings. Christmas engagements, January wedding shows, Valentine’s Day approaching – love is in the air! I am currently taking wedding bookings for 2013 and 2014. I would love to get together with you and discuss all the details of your wonderful day. All wedding packages include a gorgeous leather wedding album and the high resolution files on DVD.

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